EA657 – 120 Amp Remote Battery Disconnect Switch

Main Features

120A Automotive Remote Control Power Switch

Car Battery Remote Control Power Off Switch

Typical Application

Remote Car Battery Disconnect Switch System – This is a more convenient car battery disconnect switch system that can remotely control your car power system, when you are away from the car for a long time, the battery is still working, use one that can kill you Remote control for the car power system.
Better Security – Eliminates any power drain from the battery when the vehicle is not in use, safely disconnecting the battery and preventing car theft. Provides a reliable way to power down and protect the battery from the excessive drain and no longer drain.
More Convenient – This remote control electromagnetic battery switch allows you to move the trigger from under the hood to your hand so you don’t need to open the hood every time to turn on the power. Just press the remote control button to disconnect the car’s power system.
Wide range of applications – Remote automotive battery disconnect switch systems are commonly used in RVs, marine, automobiles, boats, campers, travel trailers, trucks, ATVs, UTVs, jeeps, batteries, and other engine applications.
Tips – Rated Current 200A Main Switch Silver Contact Surface, Universal DC 12V Power System. Comes with remote control for distances up to 160 feet. Turn on the battery before starting the engine.
Note: Do not turn off the battery while the engine is running. This remote battery switch is for battery on/off only, it cannot start your engine.

EA657 – 120 Amp Remote Battery Disconnect Switch

Vast of automatic machines are lunched to ensure stable quality as well as cost performance products.

Contact form 1A(SPST-NO)
Contact material AgSnO2
Contact rating(resistance) 120A
Max-switching voltage 40VDC
Max-switching current 120A
Max-switching power 1680
Contact resistance ≤30mΩ          Item 4.12 of IEC 61810-7
Electrical life 1 X105           Item 4.30 of TEC 61810-7
Mechanical life 1 X107           Item 4.31 of TEC 61810-7
Operation condition:
Insulation 100MΩ min (at 500VDC) Item 7 of IEC 60255-5
Dielectric strength Between contacts 50Hz 500V Item 6 of IEC 60255-5
Between coil and contacts 50Hz 500V Item 6 of IEC 60255-5
Shock resistance 147m/s² IEC 68-2-27 Test Ea.
Vibration resistance 10-40Hz double amplitude 1.5mm IEC 68-2-6 Test Fc
Terminal’s strength 20N IEC 68-2-21 Test Ua1
Solderability 235℃±2℃ 3±0.5s IEC 68-2-20 Test Ta method 1
Ambient temperature -40℃–125℃
Relative humidity 85% (at 40℃) IEC 68-2-3 Test Ca
Installation Diagram:
ea657 120 amp remote battery disconnect switch

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