EA752 – 2Pin Motorcycle Flasher

Main Features

12V Motorcycle Flasher 2Pin Turn Signal Controller

Mainly used for the left and right turn signals of electric vehicles.

Make them flash to attract the attention of cars behind to prevent traffic accidents.

Just connect the flasher in series in the circuit of the power supply, and its flashing frequency is about 80-120 times per minute.

Motorcycle buzzer flasher 2 feet 12V 150W flasher.

It has automatic short-circuit protection, automatic overload protection, and reverse-connection automatic protection, which can make the bulb work more stably. (Without beep).

EA752 – 2Pin Motorcycle Flasher

Vast of automatic machines are lunched to ensure stable quality as well as cost performance products.


Contact form 1A
Contact material AgSnO2
Contact rating 0.02A-20A
Coil voltage 12V
Coil power 0.36W
Frequency 58
Outline dimension 30X30X30mm
External Dimensions:
755 digram

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