EA762 – DOP-3X Flasher

Main Features

Japanese name: LRL700 気になります, ICウインカーリレーLRL700

DOP-3X FLASHER FOR LED 12V MAX:240W LED Turn signal flasher relay

Product Name: LRL700 Flash Relay LED Motorcycle Flasher DOP-3X FLASHER FOR LED

Product description: DOP-3X flash relay is packaged with a special IC.

Suitable for car/motorcycle halogen lamps or LED lamps. Generally, when the LED turn signal is replaced by a car, motorcycle, or another model, the LED turn signal will flicker or not light up. The use of this product can solve the above problems. This product is shockproof, waterproof, and beautiful in appearance. Using international standard pins, easy to install, no need to change the original car line, plug, and play, suitable for vehicle installation and use in various countries. When the turn signal is turned on, there will be a “click” sound.

The company’s newly developed a three-wire DOP-3X IC flash relay, LRL700. This product is waterproof and looks beautiful. Easy to install. For car/motorcycle (locomotive)/ATV use.

Working voltage: 12V vehicle. Waterproof grade: IP68

Maximum 23W×4, flash speed: about 80 times/min (plus or minus 10 times).


EA762 – DOP-3X Flasher

Vast of automatic machines are lunched to ensure stable quality as well as cost performance products.


Contact form 1A
Contact material AgSnO2
Contact rating 0.02A-20A
Coil voltage 12V
Coil power 0.36W
Frequency 58
Outline dimension 56X26X21mm
External Dimensions:
762 diagram

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