EA750 – CF13 Car Flasher

Main Features

CF13 Flasher

Applicable to turn signal alarm, with tick sound, no buzzer

Conventional 12V, with LED light

After changing the car lights to LED lights, there will be a phenomenon of fast flashing or no flashing. This LED special relay can solve the problem of fast flashing.

Why the appearance is the same as before, but it can bring LED lights, because our technicians have changed the design of the circuit board, and the imported chip design is enabled, which is more complicated than the previous ordinary circuit.

EA750 – CF13 Car Flasher

Vast of automatic machines are lunched to ensure stable quality as well as cost performance products.


Contact form 1A
Contact material AgSnO2
Contact rating 0.02A-20A
Coil voltage 12V
Coil power 0.36W
Frequency 58
Outline dimension 30X30X30mm
External Dimensions:
750 diagram

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