EA653 – 600A Battery Disconnect Switch

Main Features

600A switching capability

Outline dimension: 68.0X68.0X74.0mm

Typical Application

– Emergency Power Off Switch

– BMW; VW, BENZ, AUDI, Peugeot / Citroën: Boxer, Jumper.

EA653 – 600A Battery Disconnect Switch

Vast of automatic machines are lunched to ensure stable quality as well as cost performance products.

Contact form 1A(SPST-NO)
Contact material AgSnO2
Contact rating(resistance) 600A
Max-switching voltage 40VDC
Max-switching current 600A
Max-switching power 1680
Contact resistance ≤30mΩ          Item 4.12 of IEC 61810-7
Electrical life 1 X105           Item 4.30 of TEC 61810-7
Mechanical life 1 X107           Item 4.31 of TEC 61810-7
Operation condition:
Insulation 100MΩ min (at 500VDC) Item 7 of IEC 60255-5
Dielectric strength Between contacts 50Hz 500V Item 6 of IEC 60255-5
Between coil and contacts 50Hz 500V Item 6 of IEC 60255-5
Shock resistance 147m/s² IEC 68-2-27 Test Ea.
Vibration resistance 10-40Hz double amplitude 1.5mm IEC 68-2-6 Test Fc
Terminal’s strength 20N IEC 68-2-21 Test Ua1
Solderability 235℃±2℃ 3±0.5s IEC 68-2-20 Test Ta method 1
Ambient temperature -40℃–125℃
Relative humidity 85% (at 40℃) IEC 68-2-3 Test Ca
External Dimensions:
653 diagram

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