EA761 – Automotive Flasher

Main Features

Highly sensitive and stable electronic timing

Suitable for flasher light during car turning

Wide operating voltage, temperature range, and long life

Standard terminals, usage and replacement easily


EA761 – Automotive Flasher

Vast of automatic machines are lunched to ensure stable quality as well as cost performance products.


Coil voltage 12V/24V
Operating Voltage 11VDC ~ 15VDC,22VDC ~ 30VDC
Test Voltage 13VDC ± 0.2VDC,26VDC ± 0.4VDC
Test Temperature 20 ±2℃
Switch Power 21W ~ 150W
Bulb failure warning >140 times per minute
Flashing Frequency 60 ~ 120 times per minute
Duty Ratio 30% ~ 70%
Operating Temperature -40°C ~ +125°C
Lifetime 400 working hours
External Dimensions:
ea761 automotive flasher

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