558 – 40A Bosch Type Automotive Relay

Main Features

40A switching capability

Various mounting terminations available

Sealed IP65 and dust cover types available

Outline dimensions: 28.0X28.0X25.0mm

Typical Application

– Universal, General Use, Radiator Fan, Electric Antenna, Air Conditioner, Electric Glass, Auxiliary Lights, Electric fuel pump, Cold start, Rear window defogger, Horn, Fan;

– Fiat; Ford; GM: Opal 85 /…/90, Vectra, Astra; Jac Motors: Jac Miscellaneous Accessories, J3, and Turin; Mercedes-Benz; Peugeot; Toyota; Troller; VW/Audi; Mitsubishi: Montero, Pajero; Hyundai/Kia.

558 – 40A Bosch Type Automotive Relay

Vast of automatic machines are lunched to ensure stable quality as well as cost performance products.

Contact Form 1A, 1B, 1C, 1U, 2A
Contact Material AgSnO2
Max Operating Current 40A
Max Operating Voltage 27VDC
Rated Load(Resistive load) 1A: 40A 13.5VDC  20A 27VDC

1C: NO/NC 40A/30A 13.5VDC  20A/15A  27VDC

Insulation Resistance 100MΩ
Dielectric Strength(Coil and Contact) 500VAC/M
Ambient Temperature -40°C~+85°C
Operate/Release Time 10ms/10ms
Mechanical Life 1 X107
Electrical Life 1 X105
Terminal Type Quick connection


Coil Ratings





Normal voltage


Pick-up voltage


Drop-out voltage


Coil resistance


Parallel resistance





Coil Power


Max.allowable overdrive voltage1) (VDC)
20 °C 85 °C
12 8.4 1.2 90 1.6 20.2 15.7
12 8.4 1.2 80 680 79.5 1.8 20.2 15.7
24 16.8 2.4 360 1.6 40.5 31.5
24 16.8 2.4 320 2700 317.6 1.8 40.5 31.5


External Dimensions
551 diagram
Cross Reference:
BOSCH 0332019150, 0332019203
TE V23234-A0001, V23234-A0004, V23234-C1004-Y017, V23234-C1004-Y005

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