250 AMP Intelligent Dual Battery Isolator

250 AMP Intelligent Dual Battery Isolator

Universal 12V/24V Voltage Sensitive Relay

Intelligent Dual Battery Isolator for Car, Truck, ATV…

Battery Starter Controller

Heavy Duty Power Switch Charge Relay

250 AMP Intelligent Dual Battery Isolator

Vast of automatic machines are lunched to ensure stable quality as well as cost performance products.

  • Function: 250AMP battery isolator is a primary battery saver, which used to combine two batteries when an alternator is charging (engine running) and isolate them when not charging (engine off) so you can still start your vehicle.
  • High current 250 Amp, Universal application 12V/24V, LCD display voltage of two batteries.
  • Dual battery isolation protection controller, which automatically detects and identifies the system voltage after the isolator is powered on.
  • This smart battery protector is portable and fits a wide variety of vehicles as 12V/24V Jeep, Truck, SUV, RV, Caravan & Camping Applications. Don’t need to drain the original battery on your vehicles trying out your new devices when off-roading, the dual battery isolator will be a nice solution to lengthen the life of the primary battery when your vehicle engine is off.
  • With this Voltage Sensitive Relay, no worries of the engine cannot be started when the original battery out of power, by pressing the emergency button to turn on the sub battery to start the engine.

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