EA Relay

Professional relay manufacturer from China, Focus on producing auto relay and general purpose relay over 10 years


We design all the spare parts molds.


95% of spare parts are produced by our own company.

shipping cargo

7-30 Days fast delivery time.


All products have 1 year warranty.


Auto Relay Production

4 automatic auto relay production lines are lunched to ensure stable quality as well as cost-performance items.

Auto Relay Production Capability

Universal Auto Relay50, 000 pcs/day
Air-conditioning Auto Relay20, 000 pcs/day
Mini Auto Relay20, 000 pcs/day
4119 PC Board Car Relay20, 000 pcs/day
Fuse Car Relay10, 000 pcs/day
120A & 200A Starter Relay10, 000 pcs/day
150A High Current Automotive Relay10, 000 pcs/day

Universal Relay Production

Big quantity of automatic machines are lunched to ensure stable quality as well as cost-performance PCB relays.

T73 Relay100, 000 pcs/day
T78 Relay100, 000 pcs/day
T90 Relay50, 000 pcs/day
T91 Relay10, 000 pcs/day
T92 Relay10, 000 pcs/day
T93 Relay10, 000 pcs/day

Relay component and mold production

Own designing team and production warehouse for more than 95% relay components and relay molds. 

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QC/T 695—2002 This standard is based on the National Automotive Standardization Technical Committee of the standard system, revising the plan, combined with the development of the domestic automobile market needs to develop. The technical content of this standard reference to Japan and other foreign advanced automotive enterprise standards. The preparation of rules according to GB

Regulations on Salt Spray Test of Automobile Relays

Regulations on Salt Spray Test of Automotive Relays According to the QC/T695-2002 requirements for automobile relay salt spray test: The relay is subjected to a salt spray test for 48 hours without working. After the test, the pull-in and release voltage of the automobile relay meets the standard requirements.

How to identify the quality of Car Relay

One: preliminary judgment of product quality 1: The first step of is to look at the appearance of the car relay. The appearance of a good car relay must be done well. 2: The second step is to see whether the production process of the car relay (part riveting, cleanliness, plating of parts, etc.) is

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